About Barry Gold

Barry I. Gold is a retired pharmacologist who began his career teaching medical school, and his career reached its peak when he managed drug development teams for a German pharmaceutical company that required his presence in Europe twice a month.

He has published in Woman’s Day, History Magazine,, and the book Short Story Contest Winners by Warren Adler.

He is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati where he exhibited an early interest in science with a B.S. in zoology. He was awarded a Ph.D. in pharmacology by Boston University and took a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Yale University’s medical school.

He has two adult children from his first marriage, and he is a single parent of a thirteen-year-old from his second marriage. He lives in northern New Jersey where his hobbies include baking bread and woodworking.


We’re Overdosed looks at the history of opium and the drug’s spread throughout the world. It traces the origin of morphine from opium, the subsequent synthesis of opioids and the birth of the global pharmaceutical industry. From his point of view as a scientist, he offers thoughts about gaining control of prescription opioids through Federal legislation. With the tragic epidemic of deaths from overdose, chiefly from illicit sources, how might the U.S. could lead in eradicating world trade of illicit drugs. The story also looks forward and asks how new treatments offer hope in treating addiction.